Selling My House for Cash in Bristol

The lure of a “cash offer” is tempting, but is it always the right move?

Unfortunately, no.

Let me walk you through the process of selling my house for cash in Bristol, some reasons you may want to refuse a cash offer – and the times you simple just shouldn’t say no.

Selling My House for Cash in Bristol

In most owner occupant purchases in Bristol (meaning the buyer is going to use the property at their primary residence), the funds come in the form of a bank loan, not cash. This is because most buyers do not have the funds to close.

Nothing new here, this is how homes have been bought for years and years in most instances.

Even many investors are not closing the transaction with cash. Sometimes investors like to spread themselves a little too thin and take on a bank loan to help spread the risk around a little.

At Valley Residential Group LLC, we don’t take this approach. Primarily because our main goal is to build a stable community around Bristol.

In every case, we will pay cash for your Bristol, Connecticut property! Our name is on the contract because WE are buying directly from YOU, for CASH!

What Are The Benefits Of A Cash Sale Of Your House?

Depending on your situation, the benefits could really be endless. The biggest two that have stuck out to us during talks with previous sellers: quick cash handed to you in the form of a check, on the closing date of your choice!

Did you ever imagine a time when you were picking the exact date to sell your property with the guarantee of cash to you on that very same day?

Have we mentioned the “you don’t have to” list when you decide to sell your house for cash?

You don’t have to deal with the uncertainty of waiting possibly months for a qualified buyer to obtain financing.

|We are your buyers. We have funds available to us today!|

You don’t have to pay any fees or commissions!

|Save yourself 5% on realtor commission, and no inspection costs to you ever|

You don’t have to deal with the time wasters, nosey neighbors or having multiple showings for it to amount to no offer.

|We won’t waste your time. We need one appointment with you and your property and then we can make a CASH offer on your home!|

You don’t have to make any repairs, paint, or even clean up!

|We will view your property and buy your property, AS-IS!|

You don’t have to worry about any paperwork!

| We work with local, reputable attorneys to ensure an ease of transaction for all! |

If any of this sounds good to you, and you find yourself telling your friends, “how can I go about selling my house for cash in Bristol?”, then working with a reputable Home Buyer / Investor might be your answer!

Home buying companies, IE investors, can sometimes come with a negative connotation. A good way to overcome this is to research all the companies you may want to work with! Here at Valley Residential Group LLC, we offer a variety of references from past sellers we’ve helped, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have to help make you feel more comfortable and confident about working with us.

We pride ourselves on being a strong part of the Bristol community. Our mission is to be a reliable and local resource for Bristol homeowners needing to sell.

If a quick sale, for cash, at a fair price to you sounds like a route you may want to take:

Give us a call anytime at 860-589-4663 or
fill out the form on this website today! >>

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