Understanding the Foreclosure Process in Connecticut

If you find yourself in a financial situation that leaves you worrying about a possible foreclosure on your property, understanding the foreclosure process in Connecticut is an important part of how easily you navigate through. Understanding the Foreclosure Process in Connecticut Foreclosure is the legal process in which your mortgage lender, in attempts to recover … Continued

Can I Sell My House in Foreclosure in Bristol?

Are you a Bristol, Connecticut homeowner who has a property in foreclosure right now? All it takes here in Connecticut for a foreclosure proceeding to get initiated is 3 months, or 120 days of nonpayment. If you could get out from this precarious situation before it gets too far, would you? Of course the answer … Continued

Selling My House for Cash in Bristol

The lure of a “cash offer” is tempting, but is it always the right move? Unfortunately, no. Let me walk you through the process of selling my house for cash in Bristol, some reasons you may want to refuse a cash offer – and the times you simple just shouldn’t say no. Selling My House … Continued

How Do I Sell My House Without An Agent in Bristol?

When you first hear 5%, you don’t think of that as much. Let’s say you have 10 cookies and need to share 5%, well, you’re only giving away a half of a cookie! Not too shabby! Now let’s talk money. You need to sell your $200,000 home and as the seller, need to pay 5% … Continued

Selling My House Fast in Bristol! How Fast is Fast Enough for You?

Have you found yourself in the middle of a logistical nightmare? A crunched timeline with financial contingencies and possible financial consequences. Selling my house fast in Bristol, Connecticut would just be a dream come true? If any of this sounds like thoughts that have been racing through your mind, then you are here at the … Continued

I’m Relocating And Need To Sell My House In Bristol

Moving between properties, especially when it is your primary residence, can sometimes be a dance between planning every detail and timing them out to have the most efficient experience. We often have local Bristol home sellers calling us or submitting their house info on this website every week saying, “I’m moving out of Connecticut and … Continued

Can a house be sold while in probate in Bristol CT?

Probate is the process of reassigning the property to the beneficiaries after the person dies. When a person passes away they leave their loved ones and their property behind. Sometimes the last will or the Testate is left behind by the person and in some cases it is not. Whatever is the situation the property … Continued

What happens when you inherit a house in CT?

Inheriting a house is one of the few big surprises that life brings us sometimes. But what happens when you inherit a house in Connecticut? As much as you may want to keep an inherited house, sometimes you may be forced to consider putting it up for sale. Well, selling an inherited house can be … Continued